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Barrel House Distilling Co.

RockCastle Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

RockCastle Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Without RockCastle County, Barrel House Distilling Co. wouldn't be possible. It's home to the limestone-rich mountain spring water that they use to craft their sweet bourbon. RockCastle Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is distilled from a wheated bourbon mash bill, and it gets bottled at barrel proof. Every bottle welcomes you with notes of caramel, pecan and cinnamon, like a freshly baked pie. Toffee, vanilla bean and cocoa bring you through the palate to the warm, robust finish.

About Barrel House Distilling Co.

Abv: 56.0

Proof: 112.0


Aroma: Caramael, Pecans, Cinnamon

Taste: Wheat, Toffee, Vanilla Bean, Cocoa, Pralines

Finish: Robust, Warm

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