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Bent Brewstillery

Punish95 Rye Whiskey

Punish95 Rye Whiskey

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PUNISH95 is made from the same spicy grain as rye bread. Rye was one of the most prolific distilled grains before Prohibition. Surplus rye grain was distilled and carried to market as opposed to letting the grains rot. Bent's Brewstillers are happy they made the right choice! Rye is the ‘Bad Boy' of Whiskeys. It's big, bold, and spicy with a slight and titillating burn. PUNISH95 is made from 95% rye grains, bottled at 95 proof. Rested in American White Oak and finished with charred Pimento wood to compliment the spice of the grain. PUNISH95 has a slightly earthy and floral aroma that transfers to the flavor along with a hint of grain. It is surprisingly sweet and mellow but with the typical dry rye bite. Enjoy PUNISH95 neat, on the rocks, or in a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Sazerac.

Abv: 47.5

Proof: 95.0


Aroma: Bold Rye Grain

Taste: Bold, Dry, Rye Bite

Finish: Caramel and Vanilla

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