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Black Star Farms

Spirit of Cherry Brandy

Spirit of Cherry Brandy

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Cherry brandy is widely consumed throughout Europe, especially in Germany and Switzerland where it is known as Kirsch. It delivers subtle cherry flavors and hearty alcohol for straight consumption or as a flavoring ingredient. Spirit of Cherry is produced from an estate-grown blend of black sweet cherries, including Hearty Giant, Ulster, Schmidt, Heidel, Fingen, Nelson, Van and Sam, and from red tart varieties including Montmorency and Balaton. It has a clear appearance and distinctive subtle cherry flavors with robust but balanced alcohol. It is neither sweet nor tart. Cherry brandy is the traditional flavoring agent in Swiss fondue. Add this spirit to spice rubs for jerked chicken or pork, flavor for chopped cherry salsa, an enhancement for relishes, use it when flambéeing crêpes and in any chocolate dessert. The options are endless, but they are all delicious.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Cherry

Taste: Blend of Black Sweet Cherries, including Hearty Giant, Ulster, Schmidt, Heidel, Fingen, Nelson, Van

Finish: Neither Sweet nor Tart

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