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Black Star Farms

Spirit of Pear Brandy

Spirit of Pear Brandy

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Commonly produced in Alsace, pear brandy is probably the best known eau de vie in France. Bartlett pears are picked from Black Star Farms' neighboring Keswick Flats Orchard while they're still green, allowing them to ripen at the distillery. The ripe fruit is then pressed and the pulp is fermented prior to distillation. The resulting clear Spirit of Pear delivers an explosion of succulent pear aroma and taste, richly flavored, dry, and with an elegant after taste. Use in braising vegetables and stir fry, add to salsa with chopped pears, flavor guacamole, add 1 oz. to every pound of meat in creating patés or terrines, macerate fruit for dessert presentations. The options are endless, but they are all delicious.

About Black Star Farms

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Pear

Taste: Bartlett Pears

Finish: Dry

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