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Buck-U Distillery

Spicy Jalapeno Lemon Lime Vodka

Spicy Jalapeno Lemon Lime Vodka

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This product is NOT available in: AL, AK, HI, ID, KS, NC, NH, PA, UT, VT, VA, WA

Kansas has beautiful open skies that never get old. But sometimes, you're yearning to be beachside. Let the flavors of Buck-U's Spicy Jalapeño Lemon Lime vodka take you there. Conceived of by Buck-U's Master Distiller, they allow lemons, limes and jalapeños to saturate their Sweet Corn Vodka. The result is a spicy take on the familiar lemon-lime combination. The heat throughout the bottle makes it perfect for when you need an island escape.

Abv: 31.5

Proof: 63.0


Aroma: Spicy with Lemon and Lime

Taste: Lemon, Lime, Spicy Jalapeno

Finish: Smooth and Spicy

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