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Chemist Spirits

Chemist Spirits Navy Strength Gin

Chemist Spirits Navy Strength Gin

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Appropriately enough, Chemist Spirits describes their Navy Strength Gin as a transatlantic gin. A golden hue, this small batch gin is made from a creamy wheat base. The bold, spicy, herbal tones are tampered down by a prolonged maceration period with Spanish sweet orange and Thai ginger. Chemist Navy Strength Gin is a multiple award winner and a botanical standout in any gin concoctions.

Abv: 57.0

Proof: 114.0


Aroma: Fresh Cut Ginger, Hot Cinnamon Candies, Herbal Tea

Taste: Juicy Ginger, Hot Cinnamon Candies, Clove, Turmeric, Candied Orange Peel, Herbal Tea

Finish: Satiny, Vibrant, Dry, Medium-to-Full Body, with a Hot, Spicy, and Stimulating Finish

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