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DorWood Distillery

DorWood Distillery Vodka

DorWood Distillery Vodka

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To make award-winning vodka, you have to start with the finest available ingredients. That's why Buellton's DorWood Distillery distills their Vodka from Santa Barbara County grown estate wine. The California wine is distilled five times and filtered through coconut charcoal six times. Lightly sweet, the award-winning craft vodka possesses a fresh crispness that coats the tongue with a creamy texture. DorWood's silky Vodka will bring you back to drinking vodka straight.

Abv: 47.0

Proof: 94.0


Aroma: Light Sweetness

Taste: Clean Fresh Crispness, Creamy Silky Texture

Finish: Long Finish

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