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Dragon Distillery

Fannie Tutt's Lemon Meringue Moonshine

Fannie Tutt's Lemon Meringue Moonshine

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Each bottle of Fannie Tutt's Lemon Meringue Moonshine, is a unique piece of Dragon Distillery's founder's family history. When his great-grandfather Bad Bill Tutt was busy gambling and moonshining, his wife, Fannie, was taking care of the home and the children. Her signature dessert was her lemon meringue pie. To honor the loving matriarch, Dragon Distillery makes their Fannie Tutt's Lemon Meringue Moonshine. With no added sugar, each drop tastes like a slice of Fannie's famed pie

Abv: 50.0

Proof: 100.0


Aroma: Sweet Lemon

Taste: Lemon

Finish: Smooth and Sweet Lemon

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