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Dry Fly Distilling

Dry Fly Straight 101 Bourbon

Dry Fly Straight 101 Bourbon

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Dry Fly Straight Bourbon 101 was the very first bourbon to be legally made in Washington, and it features a unique mash. Starting with 55% corn from the Hutterian Settlement just east of the Spokane distillery, they round out the mash with Triticale, a wheat-rye hybrid, from Wisota Farm to the distillery's south. Aged a minimum of three years and bottled at the traditional distiller's cut, this robust whiskey has tones of sweet butterscotch, summer peach, and burnt orange peel.

Abv: 50.5

Proof: 101.0


Aroma: Sweet Butterscotch, Summer Peach, Walnut Shell, and Oatmeal

Taste: Burnt Orange Peel, Caramel, Marshmallow, Leather-Oak Spice

Finish: Lingering with Pekoe Tea and Apricot Nectar

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