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End of Days Distillery

Port of Entry Rum

Port of Entry Rum

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Dock your ship in ‘The Port City,' and prepare yourself for an award-winning craft rum worthy of life atop the Seven Seas. Port of Entry Rum by End of Days Distillery is a specially proportioned complex silver rum. Port of Entry Rum is made from 100% molasses and raw cane sugar. It's sweet, yet buttery. Complex, but never overpowering. Clear enough to serve as a foundation for your signature cocktail. Crisp enough to be enjoyed straight. Pick up a bottle and earn your sea legs.

About End of Days Distillery

Abv: 42.0

Proof: 84.0


Aroma: Complex, Sweet and Aromatic Notes that Hint of Molasses

Taste: Crisp, Clean, Slight Sweetness, Hints of Sweetened Butter and Sugar Cane

Finish: Light-to-med Viscosity, Rich and Complex with Notes of Butterscotch

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