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Gulch Distillers

Gulch Flintlock Bourbon Cask Spiced Rum

Gulch Flintlock Bourbon Cask Spiced Rum

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For over 200 years, no other firearm could compete with the widespread use of the flintlock. From the settlement of America to the exploration of our continent, people would carry flintlocks in their holsters. Helena's Gulch Distillers crafts a rum to match the ubiquity of the former standard of American life. In Flintlock Bourbon Cask Spiced Rum subtle citrus and spice mesh with characteristics from the aging. There's no wrong way to enjoy this craft rum. So mix up how you take pleasure in it.

Abv: 46.0

Proof: 92.0


Aroma: Bright, Bitter and Cool

Taste: Spicy with Chamomile, Myrrh, Rhubarb, Saffron, and Mint

Finish: Lingering

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