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Gustoso Artisanal Rum

Guarapo Artisanal Rum

Guarapo Artisanal Rum

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Gustoso's Guarapo Artisanal Rum is shaped entirely by the highlands of Michoacán, Mexico. The cool nights and high altitude breed the ideal conditions for growing sugar cane. Casa Gustoso hand-harvests, crushes, and ferments the sugar cane before double distilling in their handmade stills. Guarapo Rum is complex and deeply flavorful with layers of roasted pineapple, overripe plantain, and fresh cut herbs.

Abv: 49.0

Proof: 98.0


Aroma: Bright and Bold, Cane Fields, Ripe Banana, Yeasty, and Vegetal

Taste: Layers of Roasted Pineapple, Overripe Plantain, and Fresh Cut Herbs

Finish: Pleasantly Textured with a Surprising, Lingering Meringue Finish

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