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Honeoye Falls Distillery

Honeoye Falls La Cascade Verte - Absinthe Superieure

Honeoye Falls La Cascade Verte - Absinthe Superieure

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La Cascade Verte translates to “the green waterfall” in English, making this style the basis for the mythical ‘green fairy.' Don't worry, this absinthe won't make you see any tiny, magical sprites. Instead, you'll be treated to sweet anise and fennel, giving way to a slight wormwood bitterness that is ideal for classic drinks like the Sazerac and Suissesse. With its herbal and balanced flavor profile, La Cascade Verte is a traditional true-to-form absinthe for those looking for authenticity.

Abv: 70.0

Proof: 140.0


Aroma: Fennel

Taste: Herbal and Balanced, Anise and Fennel

Finish: Wormwood Bitterness

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