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KGB Spirits

KGB Spirits Naranjo Orange Liqueur

KGB Spirits Naranjo Orange Liqueur

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Orange liqueur is the most used fruit liqueur in drink recipes. The right orange liqueur has the ability to make a margarita go from good to great. It can transform a Cosmopolitan from ho-hum to ho-YEAH. Naranjo Orange Liqueur may be able to transform your cocktails, but it's so good you just might want to drink it alone. Naranjo Orange Liqueur starts with a potato base, to which oranges and spices are added in stages. They use Bergamot orange peel from France, Seville oranges, and other citrus peels and spices from around the world. This Naranjo Orange Liqueur macerates in orange peel after distillation, which gives it a distinctive yellow-gold color, and is then lightly aged in neutral oak barrels before being bottled. Naranjo Orange Liqueur has a nose of orange zest and orange rind. There is no alcohol burn on the palate. Just the subtle, refined sweetness of natural orange.

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