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Liberty Pole Spirits

Liberty Pole Spirits Corn Whiskey

Liberty Pole Spirits Corn Whiskey

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Liberty Pole Spirits makes their Corn Whiskey from locally grown corn and age it in toasted oak barrels. Even though it finishes sweetly, it stands up to the most sophisticated palates of any discerning Excise Tax Collector. Their Corn Whiskey puts the unique Bloody Butcher Corn on a pedestal. Double pot-distilled on their American-made still, this corn whiskey then rests in barrels that formerly held Liberty Pole Bourbon and Rye Whiskeys. After maturation, they are blended together to create a delicious spirit. Being second-use barrels, the oak takes on a pleasant supporting role to the earthy and sweet Bloody Butcher Corn, yet the maturation allows a subtle vanilla note to peek through. Smooth and simple, Liberty Pole Spirits' Corn Whiskey is an excellent addition to anyone's whiskey collection. Their mash bill consists of 80% Bloody Butcher corn and 20% barley malt. Mashed, distilled, and bottled in Washington, PA, home of the Whiskey Rebellion.

Abv: 46.0

Proof: 92.0


Aroma: Earthy Corn Sweetness, Hints of Almonds and Vanilla

Taste: Light and Sweet, Subtle Notes of Oak and Spice

Finish: Light to Medium

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