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Maggie's Farm Rum

Maggie's Farm 50 50 Dark Rum

Maggie's Farm 50 50 Dark Rum

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The strongest unions come from meeting in the middle for a 50-50 compromise. That's how Maggie's Farm makes their award-winning, traditional style Caribbean Dark Rum. Their ‘50/50' Dark Rum is a blend of their White Rum and an extra-aged molasses-based rum from the Caribbean. The blend is aged for another 6-9 months, allowing the flavors to marry. The marriage brings out notes of brown sugar, balanced oak and campfire. It may be half and half, but together it makes one whole impeccable sip.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Woodsy, Earthy, Burnt Sugar, Slightly Smoky

Taste: Toasted Vanilla, Maple Sugar, Cured Hardwood

Finish: Broad Palate, Long, Herbaceous Finish

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