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Maggie's Farm Rum

Maggie's Farm Falernum Liqueur

Maggie's Farm Falernum Liqueur

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Traditionally, falernum liqueur is a classic mixer coming out of Barbados. Already bringing the tropical to Pittsburgh, Maggie's Farm Rum tried their hand at making the Barbados staple. The result is the award-winning Maggie's Farm Falernum Liqueur. Fresh ginger, lime zest, whole toasted cloves and allspice berries are added to their White Rum then lightly sweetened with the same amount of turbinado sugar used for distilling. Notes of spicy ginger and fresh citrus permeate through the liqueur. Great on its own, or in cocktails, this liqueur is ready to transport you to your own personal tropical island.

Abv: 25.0

Proof: 50.0


Aroma: Crystallized Ginger, Natural Lime, Earthy Spice Character

Taste: Candied Lime Zest, Spicy, Fresh Ginger, Ample Sweetness

Finish: Heavy-bodied, Full-flavored, Slightly Tart, Lingering Finish

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