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Moylan's Distilling Co.

Moylan's American Rye Whisky

Moylan's American Rye Whisky

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Back with another American whiskey innovation comes Moylan's Distilling Co.'s American Rye Whisky. Made from a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% barley, the award-winning American Rye Whisky is aged for four years in American Oak barrels before finishing in French Oak barrels once used for Chardonnay. Some are aged in used barrels from Sonoma Portworks. No matter how they're aged, American Rye Whisky balances between fruit and spice, sweet and toast, nutty and smoky, for an unforgettable rye whisky experience.

Abv: 49.5

Proof: 99.0


Aroma: Fruit and Spice

Taste: Sweet and Toasty

Finish: Robust, Nutty And Smoky. Nuances Of Burnt Toast and Cindered Fruitcake

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