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Myer Farm Distillers

John Myer Four Grain Whiskey

John Myer Four Grain Whiskey

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Think of John Myer Four Grain Whiskey as Myer Farms Bourbon's sophisticated uncle. Less corny, more complex. 47% of Four Grain Whiskey's mash is corn, the rest is a mix of wheat, rye and barley, all grown on their own farm in Ovid, New York. John Myer Four Grain Whiskey's unique blend of grains is something to behold. It's almost cognac-like with notes of dark cherry, leather and tobacco. Deep, complex and robust, Four Grain Whiskey will keep surprising you with a myriad of subtleties.

Abv: 45.0

Proof: 90.0


Aroma: Dark Cherry, Leather

Taste: Dark Cherry, Apricot, Mango, Almond, Raspberry, Orange Zest, White Pepper, Leather, Tobacco, Deep an

Finish: Smooth, Leather, Chocolate

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