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New Columbia Distillers

Capitoline Dry Vermouth

Capitoline Dry Vermouth

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Capitoline Dry Vermouth is an aromatic, dry craft take on the classic spirit by New Columbia Distillers. The folks at New Columbia take a local grain spirit and infuse it with 15 different spices and botanicals. Once the spirit has been infused, it's blended with white wine. Capitoline Dry Vermouth develops rich notes of artichoke, citrus, rhubarb and ginger. Excellent in a diverse range of cocktails, Capitoline Dry Vermouth is a versatile bottle you'll want in your home cart.

Abv: 19.6

Proof: 39.2


Aroma: Artichoke, Lemon Peel, Rhubarb

Taste: Savory and Dry, Umami and Avant Garde, Bitter

Finish: Dry, Quite Savory and Bitter, Amaro Meets Vermouth

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