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Bummer & Lazarus Gin

Bummer & Lazarus Gin

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Bummer & Lazarus Gin starts as a brandy, then distilled with juniper, orris and licorice root, and coriander. It's well balanced and flavorful, with floral and citrus notes and a spicy finish.

Bummer & Lazarus were stray dogs from San Francisco in the 1880s. Bummer saved Lazarus from a fight and they were inseparable ever since. Dogs outnumbered humans 2 to 1 at the time, so strays were often killed on sight. But Bummer & Lazarus gained fame for their unique bond and rat-killing skills. Newspapers reported their escapades and Mark Twain even mentioned them in a few stories. They were so loved, a separate statute not only let these dogs roam the city, but roam downtown San Francisco where no dogs were ever allowed.

When Lazarus died, over 30,000 people attended the funeral. Two years later Bummer died and Mark Twain wrote his eulogy. The Daily Evening Bulletin Newspaper referred to them as ‘two dogs with but a single bark, two tails that wagged as one.'

Abv: 46.0

Proof: 92.0


Aroma: Citrus and Floral

Taste: Vibrant, Sweet Citrus with Orange and Lemon. Floral Notes with Pine Accents. Creamy, Velvety Texture

Finish: Spicy

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