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Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

.36 Texas Bourbon Whiskey

.36 Texas Bourbon Whiskey

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Part of their Small Caliber Series, Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling expedites the aging process for the .36 Texas Bourbon Whiskey. Each small batch follows the craft distillery's grain-to-glass philosophy, made from scratch in San Antonio using Texas corn. Aged in 5-10 gallon casks under the scorching sun, .36 Texas Bourbon Whiskey develops complex notes of vanilla, maple syrup, and strong caramel that lead through a short, warm and slightly spiced finish.

Abv: 48.0

Proof: 96.0


Aroma: Vanilla, Maple syrup, Prominent Oak

Taste: Strong Caramel, New Wood, Cinnamon

Finish: Short, Warm, Spicy, Dry with a Sweet Undertone

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