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Rusted Crow Spirits

Ginger Devil Cinnamon Whiskey

Ginger Devil Cinnamon Whiskey

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Though its named for the Devil, Rusted Crow Spirits likes to call their Ginger Devil Cinnamon whiskey ‘Christmas in a bottle.' This 100% Michigan corn whiskey is barrel aged for a quick 6 months. Once the Ginger Devil Cinnamon awakens from its wooden nap, it's sweetened ever so slightly with cinnamon and ginger syrup. This whiskey welcomes you with notes of banana bread, cinnamon and brown sugar. It keeps you around with its warm taste of the holidays. Take a seat with the Devil around your holiday table.

About Rusted Crow Spirits

Abv: 35.0

Proof: 70.0


Aroma: Warm Banana Bread, Cinnamon and Brown Sugar

Taste: Ginger and Cinnamon

Finish: Long Finish

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