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Sea Bishop Spirits

Sea Bishop Gin

Sea Bishop Gin

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Sea Bishop Spirits' journey to crafting the best possible gin starts with their award-winning Sea Bishop Gin. Pink peppercorn, Indian coriander, green cardamom and orange peel come through in droves. The juniper is present, but far from overwhelming. Notes of pink peppercorn, orange blossom and juniper pave the way through the bottle. The gin moves seamlessly from a bright and floral nose to a refreshing and spicy finish. Perfect in a cocktail, great on its own. There's no wrong way to enjoy Sea Bishop Gin.

Abv: 47.0

Proof: 94.0


Aroma: Peppery, Bright, Floral, Orange Blossoms, Mild Juniper, Coriander

Taste: Dry on the Palate. Pink Peppercorn Gives Way to Juniper and Coriander Followed by Cardamom and Orang

Finish: Clean, Refreshing, Spicy

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