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Split Spirits

Split Spirits Vermont Sugar Maple

Split Spirits Vermont Sugar Maple

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Deep valleys, wooded slopes and rocky ridges accent Vermont's topography. Despite its rugged terrain and fluctuating climate, Vermont's landscape is stunning. Punctuated by Sugar Maple trees lining the hillside, they light up the land as their leaves change to fiery shades of orange and red. Made with barley, corn and rye grown in the Champlain Valley, and infused with Sugar Maple wood, this grain spirit captures the rugged beauty of Vermont. With notes ranging from maple syrup to banana bread and cookie batter. There's something new to discover with each new taste.

Abv: 50.0

Proof: 100.0


Aroma: Maple Syrup

Taste: Banana Bread, Pancakes, Browned Butter, Cookie Batter

Finish: Long, Clean, Lingering Fruity Notes

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