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Tequila Alderete

Tequila Alderete Blanco

Tequila Alderete Blanco

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Blanco has crystal clear clarity. The body of the tequila is excellent and viscous creating beautiful legs on the glass. Boasting a subtle floral bouquet with a hint of lemongrass and a very light pineapple scent. The nose doesn't overpower, but rather enhances the crisp herbal agave flavor you get upon entry, which is backed by bold, clean notes of citrus. Once you sip the tequila, additional notes of floral tropical fruits come through as a nice compliment to both the bouquet and initial flavor. The finish is well balanced and is delightfully smooth as it goes down with a silky herbal agave aftertaste. The blanco is a solid, capable sipping tequila that also mixes beautifully, holding its own in a margarita and a paloma.

About Tequila Alderete

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Lemongrass, Light Pineapple

Taste: Floral Tropical Fruits

Finish: Well-balanced, Smooth

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