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Tequila Corcel

Tequila Corcel Blanco

Tequila Corcel Blanco

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Whoever said good things come to those who wait needs to try Tequila Corcel Blanco. This Blanco is unaged and triple distilled. That means you get more flavor from the agave and a smoother sip. Made with sweet Midland Agave, fruity notes radiate through the Blanco. From the nose of cherry syrup and blueberries, to the subtly citrusy palate, to the warm, peppery finish with hints of spearmint. You'll be glad you don't need to wait to enjoy the award-winning Tequila Corcel Blanco either.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Cherry Syrup, Red Plums, Blueberries and Dehydrated Fruits

Taste: Semi-dry Profile with Honeyed and Herbaceous Notes like Licorice and Lemongrass. Subtle Citrus

Finish: Warm, Peppery Finish with Hints of Spearmint

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