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The Original Hatfield Family Moonshine

Charred in a Jar

Charred in a Jar

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A Hatfield family tradition born of necessity in the 1800s has become an award-winning bottle. When Devil Anse Hatfield, the founder's great-great grandfather, was distilling moonshine, barrels for aging their spirits were scarce. So the Hatfield men had to make due with what they had. They charred strips of white oak, put them in mason jars and poured their moonshine inside. Hatfield Family Moonshine's Charred in a Jar was born. The quicker aging period produces a whiskey with notes of sweet corn and smokey caramel. Buy it, sip it and let it sit. The longer it takes you to finish, the more the flavors will develop.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Sweet Corn Infused with a Woody Taste of Oak

Taste: Aged Bourbon with a Hint of Vanilla and Spice

Finish: Smooth, Oak, Spice

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