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Vapid Vodka

Vapid Vodka

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Vodka is, by definition, neutral. This usually translates as colorless, odorless, and devoid of character. However, when this traditionally vapid spirit is distilled entirely from a base of clementines, it cannot help but reveal its sunny heritage. Vapid Vodka has a fuller body, a soft texture, and a clean, subtle sweetness. On the nose, it's enticingly fruity, with notes of vanilla custard. The finish is smooth, with a trace of citrus lending structure. With its full mouthfeel and long finish, Vapid Vodka is ideal in a martini. Plays beautifully with both sweet and dry vermouth. Elegant in a Vesper, Moscow mule, Salty Dog, or if you are in a retro mood, a Harvey Wallbanger.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Fruity with Notes of Vanilla Custard

Taste: Full Body, Soft Texture, Clean, Subtle Sweetness

Finish: Smooth with a Trace of Citrus

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