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Thornton Distilling Co.

Thornton Dead Drop Kosher for Passover Dark Rum

Thornton Dead Drop Kosher for Passover Dark Rum

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We strive to create Kosher for Passover products that are as delicious as they are authentic, natural and handmade. Crafted under the careful watch of the Orthodox Union, Dead Drop's silver and barrel-aged Kosher for Passover Rums are made from premium brown sugar, distilled in small batches on our unique pair of copper stills, and created using only limestone-filtered artesian well water.

After distillation, our Silver Rum is rested in stainless steel tanks and proofed down in steps, allowing it to delicately develop flavor and become more full-bodied, while our Dark Rum is patiently aged in a mix of charred and toasted oak barrels for several years, developing its rich flavor and deep color.

Abv: 40.0

Proof: 80.0


Aroma: Delicate molasses aromas followed by allspice, cinnamon and vanilla

Taste: Very floral, with caramel notes from the oak

Finish: Rich sugarcane comes together with stone fruit flavors and ends with a long, honeyed finish

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