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Traverse City Whiskey Co

American Cherry Edition Bourbon Whiskey

American Cherry Edition Bourbon Whiskey

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Cherry whiskey is a must when you live in the ‘Cherry Capital of the World' and come from a cherry-farming family. And Traverse City Whiskey Co. is not one to disappoint. American Cherry Edition is made by steeping Montmorency cherries grown on the family farm in their bourbon. As Traverse City Whiskey Co. likes to say this is ‘whiskey with a hint of cherry, not the other way around.' The cherry flavor is bold and present, playing beautifully with gentle vanilla and caramel.

Abv: 35.0

Proof: 70.0


Aroma: Tart Cherries, Earthy Oak

Taste: Bold Cherry, Gentle Vanilla and Caramel

Finish: Soft, Tannic Finish, Lingering Notes of Sweet Cherries

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