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Traverse City Whiskey Co

North Coast Rye

North Coast Rye

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North Coast Rye is a tribute to the lakes surrounding Traverse City Whiskey Co. The craft distillery creates this sturdy whiskey by blending together two distinct ryes. Traverse City's unique blend gives your glass the classic rye spice, but it also incorporates some unique tones. There are hints of dill on the nose, and touches of spearmint across the palate. This sweet and spicy whiskey has a silky, evolving finish that calls for neat sipping.

Abv: 43.0

Proof: 86.0


Aroma: Herbal and Piquant, Hint of Dill

Taste: Warmly Spiced, Rye Bread, Peppercorns, Clove, Hints of Spearmint

Finish: Silky, Evolving, Spicy and Sweet

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