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What Types of Cocktail Glasses Do I Need?

Tumbler: The drinking glass of many names. Some call it an Old Fashioned glass. Some call it a lowball. Others call it a rocks glass. With wide brims, rigid sides, and a thick base, the tumbler is an easily distinguishable drinking glass. It’s easy to understand where this versatile type of glassware gets its nicknames from. If you’re making an Old Fashioned, you build it in a tumbler. If you take your liquor on the rocks, it comes in a tumbler.

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Martini Glass: There are few types of glassware as synonymous with cocktail culture than the martini glass. The iconic stemware is as utilitarian as it is stunning. Its elongated stem keeps the cocktail’s chilled contents cold for as long as possible. The tight, conical base concentrates ingredients at the bottom, while its wide rim provides maximum surface area to enjoy  your cocktail’s aromas. Manhattans, Cosmopolitans, and, of course, Martinis, serve them all in this stunning stemware.

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Collins Glass: Like the Martini glass, the Collins glass gets its name from a famed cocktail, the Tom Collins. Similar to the standard highball glass, the Collins glass is a little bit taller and skinnier. This type of glassware is perfect for making a wide range of cocktails. From a Tom Collins to Mojitos to Dark and Stormys, and all sorts of cocktails in between.

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Coupe Glass: This cocktail glass is one of the most versatile types of glassware to stock your home bar with. Traditionally used to serve cocktails ‘up,’ the stem keeps hands away from the saucer-shaped glass to keep the drink chilled for longer. The coupe’s curved shape also helps prevent spilling, so you don’t risk losing any of that delicious cocktail.

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Copper Mug: With mule drinks more popular than ever, copper mugs have become an essential type of drinkware for every home bar. Copper is an exceptional thermal conductor, meaning that what’s filling your mug, whether it’s a Julep or a Mule, is going to stay cold for longer. It’s been said that the first Moscow Mules, created way back in 1941, were originally served in copper mugs. So, not only are copper mugs pragmatic, they’re a piece of cocktail history too.  

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Nick and Nora Glass: Believe it or not, this distinctive set of glassware was named for characters in The Thin Man, a hard-boiled detective novel by Dashiel Hammet. Nick and Nora glasses are perfect for any cocktails that you’d normally serve in a coupe glass. These quaint little glasses will make you feel like you’re at the peak of cocktail culture.

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Snifter: The snifter was tailor-made to enhance the drinking experience. Some people call them brandy snifters, others call them bourbon snifters or whiskey snifters. The combination of a bulbous body and narrow opening accentuate the liquor’s flavors. The body allows the spirit’s aromas to build up and the narrow opening concentrate all those aromas for a more flavorful drink every time you sip.

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Shot Glass: If the friends are getting together for a pregame, or you just want a little bit of bourbon, shot glasses are going to be a must. No matter what you’re filling them with, it’s always going to be a fun time when the shot glasses come off of the bar cart.

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