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Why Buy Drink Mixers?

Making cocktails with drink mixers is a breeze. Whether you’re at the beginning of your cocktail-making journey or you’re a master mixologist, making cocktails can be tedious. Between all the ingredients and the necessary bar tools, there could be countless steps before you get to enjoy that delicious cocktail recipe.

With the liquor of your choosing and a good mixer for alcohol, your favorite cocktail recipes are now only two steps. Make a quick Bloody Mary, or whip up a fast batch of Margaritas. Or if whiskey cocktails are more your speed, Bittermilk has some of the best Old Fashioned mixers around, not to mention their sour mix.

What Types of Drink Mixers Are There?

There is a drink mixer for every one of your favorite cocktail recipes. Make a big batch of Margaritas for brunch with some of the best margarita mixes on the market. You don’t need to be a master mixologist to stir up an award-worthy Old Fashioned. All you need is one of the best Old Fashioned mixers we carry.

There are even sugar-free cocktail mixers, so you can put a guilt-free spin on your favorite recipes. Make sugar-free margaritas with Swoon Margarita Mixer. Swoon Ginger Lime Mixer is perfect for filling  your copper mugs with diet-friendly Moscow Mules.

Whatever cocktail you fill your glass with, making it with a drink mixer is so much easier.

If you’re looking for one-step cocktails, check out our Ready-to-Drink cocktails!