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About Rum

What is rum made from?

For a spirit to be rum, it needs to be made from one of three different sugarcane byproducts, or a combination of them. Distillers typically turn to either sugarcane juice, sugarcane syrup, or molasses to form the basis of their spirit.

Like all methods of distillation, once the distiller decides on a base ingredient, it’s time for fermentation. There are two types of fermentation distillers will use. There is natural fermentation, where distillers let whichever sugar product they choose as the base of their rum sit out in open vats. This lets the air’s natural yeasts transform the sugar into alcohol. 

The second style, and perhaps more popular method, of fermentation is a far more controlled approach. Distillers choose yeast strains based on their specific properties. This approach to fermentation gives distillers more control over the final fermented product.

What are the different types of rum?

Silver Rum – Also known as white rum or light rum, silver rum have little-to-no color and typically have milder flavors. Their mild profile makes silver rums perfect for mixing into fruity cocktails.

Gold Rum – Gold rum, aka amber rums, get their moniker and color from a rest in wooden barrels. Generally, the barrels used are charred oak barrels that have been used for bourbon. They’re full-bodied, mellow, and not overpowering. Great for sipping.

Dark Rum – Sometimes called black rum, dark rum features strong characteristics and bold flavor. Dark rums can be rich and thick due to their time aging and added spices. Terrific when poured over ice with a wedge of lime.

Spiced Rum – From gold to deep caramel, spiced rum gets its flavor from the distillers’ choice of a range of spices. Bold blends of ingredients create big flavors. Spiced rums are easily enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Some classic rum cocktails:

Rum is delicious on the rocks or neat. But the sugar-based spirit shines in a wide-range of cocktails. Here’s just a few classic rum cocktails to get you started:

  • Daiquiri
  • Dark and Stormy
  • Rum Punch

Daiquiri – Making a Daiquiri is simple. Traditionally, Daiquiris are made with just three ingredients: rum, lime juice (or any other citrus juice), and a sweetener, like simple syrup. It’s just that easy. 

Dark and Stormy – Dark Rum and ginger beer. That’s all it takes to make a Dark and Stormy. If it sounds familiar, the Dark and Stormy is a lot like a Moscow Mule. Just swap your vodka for a dark rum.

Rum Punch – Rum Punch is where the fun starts. There’s no official recipe for rum punch, but you know it when you see it. Pick out your favorite rum, grab some juice, cut up some fruit, and put it all in a pitcher.