About Copper Bottom Craft Distillery

Holly Hill, Florida was once home to Three Chimneys, the oldest sugar plantation and rum distillery in North America, and Bill McCoy, the legendary rebel rum runner. Fast forward to the 21st century, Copper Bottom Craft Distillery is bringing the distilling back to Holly Hill.

Copper Bottom Craft Distillery was founded in 2016 by a duo of husband and wife teams, Mark and Joanne Craig and Jeremy and Jenni Craig. This business is in their blood. Jeremy’s father and grandfathers opened plants for the largest breweries of their time across the United States. With their extensive knowledge of brewing behind them, they pivoted with the market and hit the ground running.

Named after an 18th century seafaring term, ‘Copper Bottom’ was used to describe someone trustworthy, reliable and certain not to fail. Living up to their namesake, each of Copper Bottom Craft Distillery’s award-winning craft spirits start with three humble, trustworthy and reliable ingredients. With such a simple formula, they’ll make Holly Hill history too.

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