About Austin Cocktails

Co-Founders Kelly Gasink and Jill Burns grew up around a lifelong family tradition started by their Grandpa Fred. When 5:00 PM rolled around, it was ‘Cocktail Time’ at Grandpa Fred’s. Starting in 2014, Kelly and Jill found a way to bottle those memories and signature recipes into an award-winning line of ready-to-drink cocktails at Austin Cocktails.

The Texas-based, women-owned brand believes true craftsmanship begins with beautiful ingredients, allowing them to do the heavy lifting of imparting the cocktail with a full flavor, body, and balance. That’s why Jill and Kelly spent two years in development, working with dozens of natural juice, essenes, and extract purveyors to find just the right flavors for their award-winning cocktails.

Contrary to the rest of the ready-to-drink category, Austin Cocktails never uses any preservatives or any artificial flavors or colors. Their collection of Ready to Drink Cocktails are all made exclusively with top-shelf spirits, natural ingredients, and sweetened with organic agave. So there’s only one question: When ‘Cocktail Time’ rolls around, what’re you drinking?

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