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Austin Cocktails

Austin Cocktails Cucumber Vodka Mojito

Austin Cocktails Cucumber Vodka Mojito

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A bottle of fresh-picked flavor, Austin Cocktails' Cucumber Vodka Mojito was inspired by a country garden. Made with special mint that retains its natural flavor and leafy oils, so the cocktail never delivers the phony mint flavor, like mouthwash or gum. Preserving the entirety of the cucumber flavor, the Cucumber Vodka Mojito has a signature earthy aroma and finish. Juices from the lime provide a bright, citrusy kick that will liven up any happy hour.

Abv: 15.0

Proof: 30.0


Aroma: Earthy Herbs and Fresh Citrus

Taste: Garden Essence, Natural Cucumber, Crisp Mint, and Juicy Lime

Finish: Smooth, Earthy

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