About Backwards Distilling Company

In Mills, Wyo., a town populated by less than 4,000 people, Backwards Distilling Company is making a name for themselves by trafficking in the quirky, curious and peculiar. Founded by the Pollock family, they aim to produce unforgettable craft spirits while helping bolster the local economy.

The Pollock family has a propensity for the odd and unusual. Son and daughter, Amber and Chad, partnered with their parents to celebrate the eccentric, and bring some quirk to the town they love. For this small town, Backwards Distilling Company is less about the quirk and more about creating a sustainable, local ecosystem.

Backwards Distilling Company has a full line of craft spirits, each as flavorful as the oddball characters that inspired them. Contortionist Gin, Strongman Gin, Ringleader Vodka, Sword Swallower Rum and Milk Can Moonshine, all of their craft spirits are small batches made with locally sourced ingredients taken from grain to glass for a superior, Wyoming-infused sip.

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