About BroVo Spirits

BroVo Spirits makes a line of craft spirits inspired by family. Founder Mhairi Voelsgen’s family has a special tradition. When a family member passes away, they buy a special bottle of single malt, and they enjoy it over the course of a year on special occasions. Voelsgen wanted to create spirits for significant moments.

The doors to BroVo Spirits opened in 2011. Right from the jump, the Washington distillery distinguished themselves by focusing primarily on modifiers. The second ingredient in a cocktail. Made with all-natural ingredients, the recipes were created by a team of bartenders who saw a need. BroVo was ready to fill that need.

BroVo Spirits considers themselves more of a kitchen or bar than a distillery. They put an emphasis on flavor as they employ a slew of different techniques to create their craft spirits. In addition to their distillation process, BroVo infuses some ingredients and cooks others, ensuring their spirits are as flavorful as possible.

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