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BroVo Spirits

Pink Rosé Vermouth

Pink Rosé Vermouth

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A heavenly sip courtesy of BroVo Spirits. The Woodinville distillery makes their Pink Rosé Vermouth using a Pinot Noir Rosé base. A wide array of flavors are balanced over a three-stage process. Herbaceous ingredients, fall spices, bright citrus and floral elements are all added separately. Pink Rosé Vermouth is packed with tones of ripe red fruit and savory herbs mesh beautifully with bright citrus and warm spice. Simply put, Pink is heavenly.

Abv: 19.0

Proof: 38.0


Aroma: Strawberries, Tarragon, and Basil

Taste: Ripe Red Fruits, Savory Herbs, Bright Citrus, and Warm Spices

Finish: Rich with Citrus and Herbs

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