About Buck-U Distillery

Once an Ottawa, Kansas staple, the Bennett Creamery Co. building is no longer churning. Instead, the creamery is now home to a distillery, and the old milk cans line the walls of Buck-U Distillery. With the best ingredients that Kansas has to offer, Buck-U is distilling craft vodka, rum, whiskey and bourbon.

Buck-U Distillery founders Daryl Kleitz and DJ Flummerfelt opened the distillery in 2016. The friends met and bonded over their two mutually shared loves. Hunting and good liquor. Daryl had some experience moonshining, and wanted to take a stab at it professionally. So, when he and DJ opened Buck-U, Daryl got right to work with the stills as the Master Distiller.

Vodka might best be known as the blank canvas of the spirit world. But Buck-U Distillery couldn’t stand for that when making their craft vodkas. Made with fresh, locally sourced peaches and cream sweet corn, Buck-U’s Sweet Corn Vodka is anything but a blank canvas. And it’s everything Kansas.

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