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Buck-U Distillery

Buck-U Peach Vodka

Buck-U Peach Vodka

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Just distilling their Sweet Corn Vodka from local peaches wasn't enough. Buck-U wanted to make a vodka that was wholly Kansas peach. They teamed up with Pome on the Range Orchard to infuse the very best peaches into their Sweet Corn Vodka. The partnership results in Buck-U Peach Vodka. You'll have no choice but to appreciate the fresh flavors of juicy peaches. Every drop of Buck-U's Peach Vodka will put you between rows of peach trees in a Kansas orchard.

Abv: 30.0

Proof: 60.0


Aroma: Sweet Corn

Taste: Flavorless, Neutral

Finish: Smooth and Sweet

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