About Ghost Coast Distillery

Neighboring the Historic District of Savannah, Ga. Ghost Coast Distillery aims to capture the 'Hostess City’s' rich history of indulgences, light-hearted mischief and jubilation while charging into the future as the city’s first distillery since before Prohibition.

Sketched on the back of a napkin, plans for Ghost Coast Distillery were hatched by founders and college classmates, Chris Sywassik and Rob Ingersoll. Their mission was simple, concoct a line of creative craft spirits with a team of collaborators just as passionate as themselves.

Mission accomplished. Ghost Coast Distillery’s full line of craft spirits includes award-winning vodkas, whiskeys, rums, flavored liqueurs, an aromatic fernet, and a floral gin. Their bourbons are aged in a non-climate-controlled aging room, letting Savannah’s weather take control. It accelerates the aging process, and puts a unique stamp on Ghost Coast’s products. Their First Release Straight Bourbon Whiskey, released in March 2019, was the very first bourbon ever to be made in Savannah.

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