About Gristmill Distillers

Sitting in the shadow of the Great Range of Adirondack Mountains, Keene, New York is host to a wealth of geographic splendor. Clean air, crisp water and tall peaks surround the town. And Gristmill Distillers is taking advantage. They’re distilling the area’s richness into craft bourbon whiskey and brandy.

Founder Keith Van Sise got the idea to open Gristmill Distillers after a long day rock climbing in the mountains with his friends. Over a couple drinks, they joked about opening a distillery. But Keith wasn’t kidding. He saw an opportunity to make something great out of Keene’s natural bounty. Gristmill Distillers opened its doors in July 2013.

Gristmill distills in the Adirondack Mountains using only local ingredients. Their corn and rye is grown on a nearby farm. Their apples come pressed from an orchard down the road. The water they use flows from a natural spring just paces from the distillery’s front door. If you want pure New York, Gristmill Distillers has a bottle for you.

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