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Gristmill Distillers

1892 Forever Wild Apple Brandy

1892 Forever Wild Apple Brandy

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In 1892, New York State Legislature established Adirondack Park, a beautiful piece of nature forever preserved. At Keene's Gristmill Distillers, they craft an ode to the glorious park. Made from a local orchard's cider, 1892 Forever Wild Apple Brandy is crisp and snappy. They age the brandy for two years in new American Oak barrels. It's like a cider without the lingering sweetness, a bit dry with spice and floral notes. Toast to the park's six million acres with a glass of 1892 Forever Wild.

About Gristmill Distillers

Abv: 41.0

Proof: 82.0


Aroma: Light Aroma of Apple Intertwined with Spice

Taste: Crisp and Snappy, Slightly Dry, Hint of Cinnamon

Finish: Warming

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