About Ironclad Distillery Co

Within a stones throw of the James River, Newport News’ Ironclad Distillery Co. occupies the century-old S.W. Holt & Co. warehouse. The family owned and operated distillery is producing craft bourbons with a distinct, historic Virginian stamp.

Ironclad Distillery was born from abundance. In 2010, Stephen King bought a 30,000-square-foot warehouse for his restoration business and quickly realized he had far more space than needed. Stephen brought his family together to create a business and in 2015, they founded Ironclad Distillery Co. From marketing to distilling, each King family member uses their expertise to make craft bourbons with 100% Virginia grains.

Ironclad Distillery Co. is named for the legendary Civil War Battle of the Ironclads. The site of which is in view from the distillery on the James River. But that’s not the only way the river influences their bottles. Their Ironclad Bourbon Whiskey takes characteristics from the brackish air that drifts in from the river. With history, family and bourbon in one bottle, what’s not to enjoy?

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