About ODVI Armagnac

Armagnac has a long, treasured history. The distinct tradition of brandy is celebrated by anyone and everyone who has ever spent even just a few moments in the Armagnac Region of France. The passion for Armagnac’s storied past is what drives ODVI Armagnac to craft their take on the spirit.

The founders of ODVI Armagnac were born and raised around the Armagnac Region of Southwest France. Throughout their lives, they knew small batch Armagnac producers who made it their lives’ work to protect, celebrate, and savor the spirits historic roots. Travelling the world, the founders realized Armagnac was ready to move beyond the local community and be celebrated by everyone who enjoys small batch artistry.

ODVI Armagnac has a unique focus on retaining the time-tested traditions of Armagnac production that date back to the 14th century. To properly capture the terroir of Southwest France, they use historic Armagnac Alambics stills and beautifully ripened grapes. The rich flavor of Armagnac is on full display in ODVI.

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