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ODVI Armagnac

ODVI Armagnac

ODVI Armagnac

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ODVI Armagnac is crafted with cocktail lovers in mind, ideal for both mixing and sipping. ODVI is made from a blend of three different grapes: 45% Baco, 40% Ugni Blanc, and 15% Folle Blanche. Each grape comes with its own characteristics dependent on the soil it grows in. Fresh and fruit-forward, peppery and mild, ODVI is the result of one continuous distillation of white wine and a two-year aging process in oak barrels sourced from the forests of Gascony.

Abv: 42.0

Proof: 84.0


Aroma: Fresh and Fruit-Forward, Peppery and Mild. Notes of Prune and Peach

Taste: Bold and Structured

Finish: Well-balanced, Sweet and Dry

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