About Probably Shouldn't Distillery

In the rolling foothills of Northwest Washington sits an organic farm that’s begun making delicious craft spirits. Probably Shouldn’t Distillery is owned and operated by Shawn and Mariah Butenschoen. In every bottle from the independent distillery you’ll find the spirit of never taking ‘no’ for an answer.

Mariah and Shawn founded Probably Shouldn’t Distillery in 2017. From the time they planted blueberries on their farm to when they told people they were going to open a craft distillery, Mariah and Shawn were constantly told they ‘probably shouldn’t.’ The name of their distillery has become a defiant nod to those detractors.

Every step of the distillation process happens in Probably Shouldn’t Distillery completely solar powered facility. All of their craft brandies, whiskey and gin run through a traditional pot still that was handmade by Shawn. He’s currently hard at work making a bigger still, so you can enjoy more of their delectable creations.

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